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What is medical oxygen?

Medical oxygen is 99.7% pure medical grade oxygen which is used for various medical applications and fulfills medical oxygen purity as per European pharmacopoeia and the rest is chiefly made of argon and nitrogen.  It fulfills the criteria of identification, Odor, CO2 not more than 0.03% and CO not more than 0.001% in gas. Manufacturing of our medical oxygen systems is in total compliance with international standards including ASME, ANSI, NEMA and CE.

Why is medical oxygen used in hospitals?

Hospitals require medical oxygen for use in various modern anaesthetic techniques. It is used for restoring tissue oxygen tension by raising oxygen availability in various conditions including COPD, cyanosis, shock, severe hemorrhage, carbon monoxide poisoning, major trauma, cardiac/respiratory arrest. Oxygen is administered through various medical gas supply systems in hospitals. Various types of gas used in medical gas systems in hospitals include medical oxygen, medical nitrous oxide, medical air, liquid nitrogen and specialty gases.

Guaranteed 24*7 high purity oxygen supply

Our medical oxygen plant is completely optimized for enabling hospitals, nursing homes and clinics to generate oxygen for their requirements. The plant is manufactured with solid designing and the latest technology to ensure that it does not hit any snags and continue to produce medical grade oxygen 24*7 for you.  It is also equipped with cylinder filling manifold for filling of cylinders and storage of oxygen.

Being skid mounted, the plant does not require any foundation which saves you a lot of space. Once it is installed, you will just have to plug it into a standard electrical outlet to start producing medical grade oxygen onsite that you can fill into cylinders for storage for later use. And, the plant is equipped to meet medical oxygen purity requirements. Now, you can generate emergency oxygen to meet any contingency. Above all, you can generate as much oxygen as you want and will never face oxygen shortage.

Easy to operate and maintain

We are acclaimed for fabricating and exporting medical oxygen generators capable of generating medical grade oxygen which can be operated and maintained without specialized technical skills. We also provide videos, manuals and on-site training for training your technicians to calibrate and operate the generator smoothly.  Regular maintenance of air compressor is recommended and replacement of filter components is advised at regular intervals.

 World-class quality and safety standards

Our company is reputed for manufacturing medical oxygen plants customized for meeting the specifications and requirements of small and big. Our world-class expertise in manufacturing well-designed plants is well-known and work very efficiently and smoothly.  Focus of our engineering and designing expertise is towards making medical oxygen generators that require minimum maintenance and incur low operational costs.  The plant is equipped with digital color screen display, which shows all information needed for monitoring the generation of oxygen.  The digital system also performs various self- diagnostic tests even as it is running. If there is a issue concerning the purity of oxygen the plant will automatically shutdown displaying a visual alarm on the screen. There is also an option for a sound alarm should you want to use it.

 Quick recovery of cost & impressive ROI

It is a matter of accomplishment for us in delivering thousands of medical oxygen plants to our clients across the globe.  Our customers report that they recovered the costs they incurred on purchasing the plant within a year and half. Our prices are low and ROI for our plants is impressive. On-site commissioning and installation is taken care of by our qualified technicians.



  • You save 30-60% on purchasing a medical oxygen plant from Universal Boschi.


  • Our medical oxygen system last for years returning many times the ROI.

Super efficient

  • Consumes less power and can operate for long hauls without requiring maintenance.


  • Acclaimed for reliable performance over long periods of time without breaking down or needing maintenance.

Fully automated

  • A fully digital system regulates the purity and the flow by automatically adjusting the cycle time of the medical oxygen generator.

Salient features of medical oxygen plants

  • Meets specifications of major Pharmacopeias like Indian, the US, the UK, French
  • 80% cheaper than medical oxygen cylinder supply
  • Solid designing with automatic controls
  • Smooth installation of pre-piped systems



Technical Specification


MODEL CAPACITY IN M3/HOUR NUMBER OF CYLINDERS PER DAY Purity of oxygen produced Pressure of oxygen in cylinders
OXYGEN NITROGEN PLANTS UBP-25 25 100 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-50 50 200 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-80 80 300 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-100 100 400 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-150 150 600 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-200 200 800 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-300 300 1200 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-400 400 1600 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-500 500 2000 99.7% 150-200 BAR
UBP-1000 1000 4000 99.7% 150-200 BAR