Advantages of onsite oxygen plant for hospitals in emergency situations

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Hospitals require oxygen all the time because emergencies can occur at any time. On daily basis, there are numerous cases of road accidents that need immediate oxygen. On the other hand, natural disasters earthquakes might happen or a fire may break out in the city, it is imperative for hospitals to have reliable source of oxygen.  Using an onsite oxygen plant is the only viable option with the hospital. The plants are capable of generating oxygen with purity needed for hospitals.  And, they are provided with filling stations that deliver oxygen whenever needed.

In 2015 Nepal earthquake, India n Air Force shipped medicines, essential supplies and portable oxygen generators, which provided crucial help in the recovery of people injured in the earthquake. A single portable oxygen cylinder was able to fill up 200 cylinders a day. One cannot emphasize enough the importance of hospitals stacked with ready oxygen always to deal with any eventuality such trauma cases and virtually any medical emergency.  It might not be out of context to mention here how 325 children died because piped oxygen supply ran out at BRD Medical College hospital in Gorakhpur city of Uttar Pradesh.

End dependence on cylinder oxygen supply

Hospitals need constant oxygen supply so that there is no situation like 2017 Gorakhpur.  Big hospitals are well-equipped with oxygen supplies. It is at district-level hospitals that we need to ensure continuous supply of oxygen.  These hospitals can use portable oxygen generators for meeting their requirements of oxygen.  Oxygen generators must follow quality and safety standards for use ambulances and emergency.  These generators provide oxygen with medical grade purity needed in ventilators and anesthesia units. They can easily eliminate the use of oxygen cylinders and are cost-effective as well.

Generate as much oxygen as you want

If a hospital is using oxygen cylinder supplies, there is likelihood of running out of supplies. On-site installation of oxygen plant in hospitals can produce as much oxygen as possible and there is no fear of running out of oxygen. Small or district level hospitals can use portable oxygen generators having capacity to produce 200 cylinders of oxygen daily. The generators can also be used by mobile clinics and they will not be apprehensible about shortage of oxygen even when they are treating people in villages or on roads.  One can connect oxygen generators to the medical equipment for refilling of cylinders.

Produce 99.7% medical grade oxygen

Our hospital oxygen plant are able to produce 99.7% pure oxygen, which meets the specifications for medical use. Our generators produce oxygen that meet the criteria of identification, odor, CO2 not more than 0.03% and CO not more than 0.001% in gas. Our oxygen generators are manufactured in compliance with ASME, ANSI, NEMA and CE standards. Now hospitals do not have to depend upon oxygen suppliers on getting oxygen with high purity.